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A bright idea for your weekend πŸ’‘

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Nashville Zoo: Lantern Mini

Each silk lantern at Zooluminaiton: Chinese Festival of Lights presented by Asurion is custom-made and ranges up to 40 ft in height.

Photo provided by the Nashville Zoo

1,000+ handmade Chinese lanterns ft. life-sized creatures reimagined in bright + colorful scenes will be on display during Zoolumination: Chinese Festival of Lights at the Nashville Zoo Nov. 18-Feb. 4.

The lanterns are up to 40 ft in height and depict:

  • Animals+ mythical beasts
  • North Pole scenes
  • A Chinese village

Bring your camera and your best behavior β€” you never know who you might run into. (Hint: He has a white beard and eight reindeer.) πŸŽ…

Reserve tickets (before they’re gone).*

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