Stroll app curates location- and mood-based activities around Nashville, TN

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Nashville’s Stroll app | Photo by the NASHtoday team

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Local creators, in partnership with Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp, have launched a location- and interest-based app, Stroll, featuring Nashville as its flagship US city.

The new app allows visitors + locals to explore the city via real-time, location-based suggestions about what to do, eat, see, and more — with the help of interactive maps, photos, and descriptions.

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East Nashville’s The Bookshop, Barista Parlor + Five Points shops | Photos via the NASHtoday team

We set out to take a stroll in East Nashville with some curated activities. After picking up some new reads from The Bookshop, it was time for some coffee. We wanted to find somewhere that was locally-owned while avoiding the Sunday brunch crowd.

After eating the most amazing bacon egg + cheese biscuit at Barista Parlor (Stroll’s teaser photo of the cafe’s donuts is what ultimately sold us on this pick), we headed to Five Points where we learned some cool, in-app facts about local shops.

Our favorite part? The mood board. If you’re not sure what you want to do, no worries. You can select from 20+ “moods” including “retail therapy,” “live like a local,” “brunch time,” “time to laugh,” “mellow,” and “avoid the crowd” — to have activities suggested for you. Additionally, there are 50+ categories to help narrow down your search. Choose from options like festivals, sports, hidden gems, volunteering, breweries + locally-owned.

The user-friendly app not only serves the community, but allows local biz to be in the spotlight. Participating businesses have the option to add discounts, events, special brand messaging + more that can be updated 24/7 by owners.

Check it out and get to strollin’.


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