Rep Your City Design Contest

Rep Your City Design Contest NASHtoday
Enter the Rep Your City Design Contest | NASHtoday

Calling all creatives. We’re launching our Rep Your City Design Contest, where creative minds (amateur or professional) can submit designs to be featured on products in The NASHtoday Shopour online shop, home to merch featuring local landmarks + city slogans — and get paid up to $1,500.

The goal? To work with + support creatives, share cool designs, and celebrate our city.

Participants are encouraged to submit their local-focused graphics, illustrations, or paintings that can be digitized and placed on shirts, mugs, prints, bags + more.

Designs we’re looking for:

  • City icons (think: recognizable skylines, landscapes, buildings + landmarks)
  • Local celebrities
  • Key city events
  • History
  • Food + drink 
  • Well-known companies
  • See what designs we currently have in our shop

How it works: 

  • Creatives can start submitting designs anytime beginning today.
  • This is an ongoing contest through 2021, with multiple winners, and unlimited chances to submit designs. 
  • Our team will choose the winning designs to get paid for their works + be featured on our products. 

What you get if your design is selected:

  • You’ll make up to $1,500. We’ll buy the rights to use + reproduce your design for $500, and at the end of each year we’ll send you $1 per unit sold, up to a combined total of $1,500.
  • You’ll be featured in our store’s “Meet the Creatives” page with your bio, website + social media. 
  • Your design will be featured in our newsletters, social media + promotional materials.

How to enter: 

  • Submit your design through the form below (files accepted include JPG + PNG; max size 500MB).
  • Applicants can submit as many designs as they’d like.

If your design is selected, you must be able to provide the design in the following specs:

  • JPG or PNG file type
  • Print file resolution of 300 DPI
  • Color profile saved in sRGB
  • More info about preparing a print file here

We can’t wait to see your designs, Nashville. Know a designer, artist, or someone who’s just crazy creative? Share this with them.