Local beekeepers + honey in Nashville, TN

Local bees | Photo via @nashvillebeekeepers

Hey honey, did you know that the month of September serves to promote the beekeeping industry? Since 1989, it has been considered National Honey Month (declared by the National Honey Board). 🍯

The Nashville Area Beekeepers Association is a local organization formed by beekeepers that encourages + equips others interested in beekeeping, educates the community, and offers public services. It provides resources like a virtual bee school, mentor opportunities, and information on registering hives + harvesting honey. 

One member of the NABA is amid the buzz of Midtown’s popular landmark. Next time you’re strolling through Centennial Park, be sure to take a closer look across Lake Watauga. The small island contains several beehives as part of the Centennial Park Revitalization project. 

The bees play a vital role in the pollination of existing + new plants that are grown as part of the plan. While the hives are tucked away from visitors, local beekeepers remain busy maintaining and protecting the bees year-round. 

Not only do the tiny residents help keep the park beautiful, they also provide the community with local honey. Beekeepers harvest the hives to produce Centennial Park Honey, which supports the NABA + its efforts. The honey can be purchased online or at the Parthenon’s gift shop.

So, you’ve got your hands on a bottle of local honey — what now? Keep scrolling to find a delicious fall recipe created by the NASHtoday team. 👀