3 new podcasts about Nashville + its residents

Me and All My Friends interviewee Frances Edwards — a retired nurse practitioner and faculty member at Vanderbilt | Photo provided

Pull out your headphones, because we’re sharing 3 new Nashville podcasts highlighting the city + its residents. 🎧

Me and All My Friends

Nashville comedian Ben Oddo conducts photojournalistic interviews with residents of Blakeford Senior Life that are 70+ years old. The heartwarming podcast gives listeners a glimpse into their past and present — from first loves, influential careers, local history, family stories, and joint pain. Each episode is as humorous as it is impactful

Recent episodes:

  • Vera Burriss, The German” | An 84-year-old born in Germany who has a happy hour schedule, dating stories, and friend who wants to know why she wasn’t at bingo
  • Dr. Gene Regen, The Renaissance Man” | A 1955 Vanderbilt Medical School graduate, doctor in the Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance for 22 years, and an Air Force veteran who tried to punch ​​John Jay Hooker

A New Stage

The Nashville Entrepreneur Center launched a Circle Back podcast miniseries hosted by TSU head football coach Eddie George. The 5-episode limited series features local celebrity entrepreneurs + their stories of breaking through multiple industries and navigating various challenges

Recent episodes:

WriterFest with Ami McConnell

This podcast, coinciding with Nashville’s WriterFest in November, celebrates writers of books, songs, and films. Host Ami McConnell discusses the highs and lows of the creative life, the craft, and the commerce with local + national creatives.

Recent episodes: